Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay Singapore is a naturally occurring bay located in the southern region of Singapore near Central Area. In the last few years it has become a favorite hub for tourists due to its top class business, entertainment, accommodation and leisure facilities. Visiting Marina Bay Singapore is a must if you have gone to Singapore for a holiday. The sights and sounds of the place are simply amazing. Below are some of the most famous tourist attractions that you should be on the lookout for.

Marina Bay Sands HotelThis is the first building you will notice upon arrival at Marina Bay. Its conspicuous nature is as a result of its huge and unique shape. It is made up of three skyscrapers connected by a blimp like structure at the top. On the top there is a swimming pool with water flowing over the edge. Other attractions here include a shopping mall, skating rink and a canal located indoors.

Marina Bay Singapore viewArt science museum

This is another uniquely designed building. With a flower-like shape, you can be sure that you cannot find it anywhere else in the world.

Gardens by the Bay

This is a park that contains hundreds of plant species. In particular, lookout for the artificial tree structures found here.

Helix Pedestrian Bridge

This is a pedestrian bridge whose structure design and shape looks like that of a DNA. It is helix shaped.

Other attractions in and around Marina bay include lush gardens, a mist walk to help in cooling people down when it’s hot and a floating stadium.

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